A Message From the Ambassador

H.E. Ambassador Hamdullah Mohib

H.E. Ambassador Hamdullah Mohib

Hello and welcome to the website of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Washington, D.C.. I am Ambassador Hamdullah Mohib and on behalf of everyone here at the embassy, we are so glad you stopped by.

As Afghanistan’s ambassador to the United States, it is my great honor to spend every day in this post working to strengthen the mutual partnership between America and Afghanistan, and to promote understanding and appreciation between our two peoples. Americans and Afghans have more in common than most people realize. We both have a strong work ethic, protect and cherish our families, recognize the value of education, and are guided by our faith.

Under the leadership of President Ashraf Ghani and Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah, Afghanistan is coming closer to the day when it, too, can call itself a peaceful, self-reliant, productive nation. Recent reforms across every area of government and throughout our economy are having measurable, positive impacts on Afghans’ quality of life. We have a tremendous natural resource that we have only begun to tap: three-quarters of Afghanistan’s 32 million people are under the age of 35. These new generations make up the engine that is driving Afghanistan forward. Our young people are educated, ambitious, and determined to achieve things for our country that no generation before them ever has.

Their goals are within reach in large part because of the generous support Afghanistan has received from the United States. With gratitude and deep respect, we honor the enormous sacrifice that so many Americans have made in our shared struggle, especially the 2,365 men and women who gave their lives in battles against our shared enemies. We thank the million servicemen and women, and the 30,000 American civilians and aid workers, who have helped us defend and build our country. We continue to be inspired by and learn from the American troops who stand with us today.

Insecurity remains our greatest obstacle, but our brave military has more than proven itself on the battlefield and continues to surprise those who doubted its capabilities. The help we receive from the United States and our other NATO allies is invaluable in our quest to defeat the terrorist groups who use Afghan soil to launch attacks — and who threaten not just Afghans, but every peace-loving, democratic nation.

In his 2015 speech to Congress, President Ghani perfectly captured how Afghans feel today. He said, “Ordinary has escaped us, but it is what we desperately want.” Afghanistan is becoming more ordinary every day.

On any given day in our capital, Kabul, you can find 1.2 million boys and girls crowding the streets on their way to and from thousands of schools. You will see thousands of women working side by side with male colleagues in these schools, and in universities, police stations, factories, and government. You’ll see state-of-the-art hospitals that provide comprehensive health care, including advanced surgery. And thousands of Afghan citizens filling shops, amusement parks, restaurants, and museums.

This isn’t the Afghanistan depicted in media reports, which emphasize conflict and violence. But significant achievements are being made every day in areas like education, job creation, women’s rights, infrastructure, and economic development. Afghanistan was once a regional economic powerhouse, with great cities, impressive exports, and leading thinkers and scientists. We can, and will, be that nation again.

We do not underestimate the challenges that lie ahead. But no one should underestimate The New Afghanistan’s determination to overcome them.

Thank you and welcome, again.