Investing in Afghanistan


There are three main reason to invest in Afghanistan:

Afghanistan is a rapidly emerging market of strategic importance close to some of the largest and fastest-growing markets in the world. Afghanistan is strategically located between the energy-rich republics of Central Asia and the major seaports in South Asia providing a key transit route for central Asian oil and gas to markets in South Asia as well as overseas. Also, Afghanistan has access to markets of neighboring countries including important fast-growing markets such as China, India and Pakistan.

Afghanistan offers a pro-business environment with legislation favorable to private investments.  The principles of a free market economy are incorporated in the new Constitution {art. 10}. Consequently, the President as well as the Government have focused intensely on removing obstacles to private sector development.

Afghanistan is rich in natural resources. There are currently more than 1,400 identified mineral deposits in Afghanistan. These include energy minerals, such as oil, gas and coal, as well as iron and copper deposits of world quality. Furthermore, known precious and semi-precious stones in Afghanistan include emerald, jade, amethyst, alabaster, beryl, lapis lazuli, tourmaline, ruby, quartz, and sapphire. Finally, great opportunities for investments exist within the hydrocarbons industry.

Based on investment law, the government has adopted a pro-private sector and most liberal trade and investment regime. It allows for 100% foreign ownership of the company, indefinite carry forward and accelerated capital depreciation, flat 20% corporate tax, no restrictions on inwards/outward capital flow; no restriction on profit or other cash repatriation, no import duties on machinery, and 1% duty on raw and intermediate materials, international dispute resolution/arbitration; OPIC and MIGA is there to guarantee foreign investors and no tariff on Afghan export to Europe and recipient of the USG and support of the international community related to trade and investment.

To learn more about why you should invest in Afghanistan, please refer to the Invest in Afghanistan website and read the document prepared by the Afghanistan Investment Support Agency.

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