Welcome to the visa information page. On this page you will find information about the type of visa and visa application requirements for travel to Afghanistan. It is important to check the visa types and make sure you are applying for the correct visa.

Please look over the instructions, complete the form with the correct information, and send it to the Consular Office with the required attachments in person or by mail. Please note that if you choose to send it by mail, the application must be notarized.

Also please note that our Consular Office is in a separate location from the Embassy.

Consular Office address and phone numbers:

Embassy of Afghanistan – Consular Office
2233 Wisconsin Ave., NW
Suite #216
Washington, DC 20007

Tel: 202-298-9125 ext. 8037 or 8040
Fax: 202-298-9127

Public hours: 9:30 am – 1:30 pm

Types of Visa:

According to the Afghan travel and residency law for foreign nationals, the following types of visas are available (click a visa type for details):

Diplomatic visa (DPV)

Official visa (OFV)

Business Visa (BSV)

Working Entry Visa (WEV)

Tourist Visa (TUV)

Visit Visa (VSV)

Student Visa (STV)

Crew Visa (CWV)

Transit Visa (TSV)

Entry One Year Visa for US and NATO Contractors

Visa and Entry Permit for Afghans with Dual Citizenship

Please note: All U.S. government and NATO contractors will be required to pay an additional $200, one-time fee, for a one year multiple entry visa (total $360).

Foreign nationals traveling to Afghanistan with extra belongings or pets must obtain documents for their belongings and health certificates for their pets.

Visa Requirements:

  1. Applicants for an Afghan visa, regardless of the type of visa, are required to obey the laws of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Currently, the standard visa processing time is 5-7 days but this may vary on an individual basis.
  2. Foreign nationals who have entered Afghanistan on an Entry Visa or a Work Visa are eligible to work. This category of individuals must obtain a work permit from relevant agencies after entry to Afghanistan. Issuance of a visa to those foreign students who intend to travel to Afghanistan is based on agreements and on a reciprocal basis, after the authorization of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Afghanistan.
  3. All foreign nationals can obtain an Afghan visa, except in the following cases:
    • When the individual is banned from entering Afghanistan by the Afghan authorities;
    • When the individual has not completed the previous ban period;
    • When the individual has been expelled from Afghanistan for an unknown period of time;
    • When the individual is suspected to disrupt security, disrupt general order, is suspected of moral corruption, or lacks respect for the rules of Islam;
    • In specific situations when the authorities at the consular and political missions of Afghanistan abroad, based on sound reasons, deem it unfavourable to issue a visa to a certain individual;
    • When there is a risk of spread of a contagious disease;
    • When a high-ranking authority has decided to deny the visa.

It is important to fill out all of the required forms entirely and submit all required documents. Doing so will minimize the processing time and prevent further delay.

  1. Fill in the Visa Application Form correctly and sign it by hand. The signature of the applicants on the application form must be notarized if the applicants do not bring their paperwork to the Consulate in person or if their employer applies on the applicant’s behalf (non-official passport holders). Download one of these visa application forms:

Please follow the directions, complete the form with the correct information and return it to the Consular Office with the required attachment(s).

  1. Enclose one recent passport-size photo with these requirements:
    • Printed on matte or glossy photo-quality paper
    • 2 x 2 inches (51 x 51 mm) in size
    • Sized such that the head is between 1 inch and 1 3/8 inches (between 25 and 35 mm) from the bottom of the chin to the top of the head
    • Because the photo background is white, avoid white clothing and white scarves
    • Taken within the last 6 months to reflect your current appearance
    • Taken in full-face view directly facing the camera
    • With a neutral facial expression and both eyes open
  2. In exceptional cases, a health clearance letter indicating that the person is not suffering from any contagious diseases, especially Ebola, will be required.
  3. Enclose the appropriate visa application fee (must be paid in U.S. dollars with either a money order or cashier’s check payable to the Embassy of Afghanistan).

Visa application fees:

    • U.S. Passport holders: $160.00
    • Please note: All U.S. government and NATO contractors will be required to pay an additional $200, one-time fee, for a one year multiple entry visa (total $360).
    • Other countries’ passport holders: $100.00 For Working Entry Visa
    • Other countries’ passport holders: $80.00 For Tourist and Visit Visa
    • India and Pakistan passport holders: free
    • Diplomats, Officials and UN Passport holders; free (authorization is received from Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan)

Note: The visa application fee will change depending on the type of visa you apply for.

  1. Enclose a passport with at least one year validity remaining and one blank visa page.
  2. If you are a U.S. alien resident, provide a copy of your Green Card, copy of original, or valid alien registration card or valid U.S. resident visa.
  3. For official visits, please contact your employer to send a letter of introduction with the details of the purpose of your visit to Afghanistan to The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan in Kabul, who will then send us authorization of issuance of a visa.
  4. If visiting family or friends, please write a letter of introduction stating whom you intend to visit in Afghanistan.
  5. If tourism is the purpose of your visit, please state in detail the nature of your tour and places you intend to travel in Afghanistan.
  6. Media personnel/journalists are required to provide an introduction letter stating the purpose, duration and places they intend to visit in Afghanistan. (Media journalists must contact the Press Office of the Directorate of Media Relations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, located at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, at: Char-rah e Malik Asghar, Shah Mahmood Ghazi Wat, Kabul, Afghanistan
  1. If employment is the purpose of your visit, an official letter of introduction from your employer, sponsoring government or organization stating the purpose and duration of your trip is required. Please also include any sponsorship information and a financial guarantee for expenses that will be incurred in Afghanistan. In individual cases, you may be required to provide additional documents.

Note: Those subcontractors, who work under the main contractors in Afghanistan, should provide an introduction letter from the main contractors or ratify their introduction letter by their main contractors to obtain one-year multiple entry visas.

  1. Applicants applying for a Work Visa should be below the age of retirement (65) and must provide their educational documents along with the visa application, invitation or introduction letter from the employer company in Afghanistan (including passport information, purpose of travel and duration of stay of the applicant). Additionally, they should also have a confirmation letter from Consular Affairs Directorate-General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the I.R. of Afghanistan.
  2. Those who intend to travel to Afghanistan for investment and business purposes can apply for an Afghan Business Visa by providing the following documentation:
    • Introduction or permission letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Chamber of Commerce, or other related official bodies
    • Work permit and business license
    • Address of the company
    • Documents providing the type of commercial activities, payment of taxes and bank account number
  3. If you are applying by mail, please include a prepaid, self-addressed return envelope, large enough for the return of your passport and documents. You may use certified or registered mail, or any other traceable mailing service or courier to ensure safety of your passport. A notarized application is required for those who mail their documents or those whose companies send their applications.

Information for U.S. Passport Holders:

Effective January 1, 2015, holders of U.S. passports applying for a visa to Afghanistan will be eligible for multiple-entry visas depending on the purpose and significance of the trip with a standard fee of $160.00 based on reciprocity and subject to change.

Note: Duration of visa (one month, up to 12 months) and number of entries is based on reciprocity and the sole discretion of the Afghan embassy/consulate. It should be understood that a visa is not considered to be a right, and if individuals are not found eligible or do not have adequate supporting documents, issuance of visas will be denied or suspended without provision of any further clarification.

Please note: Although the information on this website has been prepared with utmost care, regulations and requirements are subject to change.

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