Afghan Scholarship Recipients in the US Attend Embassy’s Job Opportunities Conference on Employment in Afghanistan

May 31, 2016

On May 27th, the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan organized a Job Opportunities Conference in an effort to help Afghan students studying in the US learn about the job market and employment opportunities upon return to Afghanistan.

Attended by close to fifty young Afghan scholars and recent graduates, the full day conference served as a platform for the participants to link up and hear from several government and non-government organizations and individuals on skills most required in the Afghan job market, potential opportunities, and tips on finding a job. Participants had the opportunity to directly discuss employment opportunities with those looking for qualified candidates, and also learn from experiences of Afghan scholarship recipients who had studied in the US and returned to Afghanistan to lead successful careers.

The sessions also included a Q&A component where panelists, some of whom were connected from Afghanistan and around the globe through Skype, answered questions on various aspects of the available opportunities, recruitment processes and career building in Afghanistan.

Afghan Ambassador to the US, Hamdullah Mohib also delivered remarks stressing Afghanistan’s vital need for its educated youth and how huge the impact of their contributions could be for their country. “It is now time for you to ask what you can do for your country,” said the Ambassador, who went on briefing the participants on the impressive achievements Afghanistan has had despite the difficult economic and security transition that adversely affected the country.

Participants appreciated the initiative taken by the Embassy and found the conference informative. One participant said, “This conference was a great opportunity for Afghan students who are studying here, to know that the Afghan government calls them back and provides them with the opportunity to give to their country what they have learned. Today’s conference was a clear sign that the Afghan government invests in and needs its young generation to serve their country.”

The conference concluded with an interactive workshop delivered by recruitment experts from Chemonics International, which covered topics such as “Understanding the Recruitment Process”, “Tips for Building a Strong CV” and “Working in the International Development Sector”.

The Embassy of Afghanistan thanks and greatly appreciates all its partner organizations and individuals for their active engagement in helping make the conference possible either from Kabul or Washington DC. The Embassy is particularly grateful to the following companies and individuals:
Saeeq Shajjan, Founder and Partner, Shajjan & Associates law firm
Sonia Eqbal, CEO and Managing Partner for Pana Group
Anita Haidary, Media Advisor, Office of the First Lady of Afghanistan
Feroz Khan, Sub-director of Compliance, Large Taxpayers’ Office, Ministry of Finance
Jawid Waqif, Director of Capacity Based Results Program, Ministry of Finance
Farshid Ghyasi, Founder and CEO of, Netlinks
Denise Rainney, Nikhil Padival, Deborah Aker and Wadia Waheed from Chemonics International
The American University of Afghanistan