Ambassador Mohib Meets with Sister Cities International Leadership

On July 11, Ambassador Hamdullah Mohib met with the leadership of Sister Cities International which included President Mary D. Kane, Vice President Adam Kaplan, and Mr. Stephen T. Quigley, a member of the Board of Directors, to discuss sister city relationships between Afghanistan and the United States. Ambassador Mohib acknowledged the efforts of Sister Cities International in supporting pilot projects between cities in both countries. He underscored the importance of maintaining sister city relationships in promoting cross cultural understanding as well as establishing long-term people to people connections. 

Ambassador Mohib talked about potential cities from all parts of Afghanistan that could be partnered with cities in the United States. Discussions focused on some of the existing sister city connections, such as San Diego РJalalabad, Hayward РGhazni, and Council Bluffs (Iowa)- Herat city. It was also suggested that more projects to develop such relationships should be looked at in the future.

The delegation from Sister City International provided information on their projects and how the relationships serve the interests of the communities involved in the process. They also highlighted the role of city-to-city relationships in eliminating common misconceptions and promoting understanding between the two nations. Sister Cities International expressed great interest to collaborate with the Afghan Embassy, relevant government departments and the civil society in developing such connections. The Afghan Embassy will work to achieve these objectives in coordination with relevant departments within the government of Afghanistan.