Ambassador Mohib: We are Proud of Our Female Athletes

May 10th, 2016

Ambassador Mohib welcomed a group of Afghan women athletes who are visiting the United States on a project focusing on promoting women’s athletics in Afghanistan.

This group of eight women representing soccer, taekwondo, fitness, boxing and cricket is on a three-week tour of the United States where they will visit sports training facilities and experience programs designed to encourage athletic activity among women and girls. The visiting group from Afghanistan will discover how other successful sports institutions utilize the core principles of athletics and leadership in their programs and curricula.

Ambassador Mohib hailed the progress Afghan women have achieved in general and in sports in particular. The Ambassador stressed by saying that “our sports victories have earned growing international recognition. Achievements by our female athletes are undeniably in the core of this. You are the real champions we are all so proud of.”

The visiting athletes said they were pleased to have the opportunity to visit their Embassy and briefed the Ambassador on their future plans and efforts for the further growth of their athletic activities in Afghanistan. One participant said, “Despite the challenges, female athletes and sportswomen never held back but moved forward undeterred in achieving their goals and will continue to do so.”
The group will leave Washington D.C. on Wednesday and will travel to California before heading to Colorado, Boston and Kentucky.