Embassy Hosts Reception in Support of Aschiana Foundation

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April 08, 2016
The Embassy of Afghanistan in Washington, DC hosted a reception in support of the Aschiana Foundation, a charity organization that supports street children’s education in Afghanistan, on April 1, 2016.

Aschiana is an Afghan organization that has been supporting some of the most vulnerable Afghan children for 15 years. It provides education, food, healthcare, literacy and vocational training to children who work on the streets to support their families.

The event commenced with remarks by Ambassador Mohib who highlighted the importance of work that organizations like Aschiana are doing and the positive difference they make in the life of many vulnerable children in Afghanistan. He also spoke about the government’s commitment and actions to addressing poverty reduction, creating jobs, and improving and increasing educational opportunities, particularly for women and children. He called the work of Aschiana vital to the future generations of a country whose children have often been the main victims of violence and conflict.

Sanya Younoussi, president of the Aschiana Foundation, stressed the importance of supporting children most deprived and in urgent need. She thanked the Embassy and all those who stand with and support the organization.

The event included a piano performance by young Afghan pianist prodigy Elham Fanous, a graduate of the Afghanistan National Institute of Music, who played in support and recognition of the vital work that Aschiana has been doing to help children. His performance included a mix of Afghan, Indian, and Western classics.

Attendees on the evening included former ambassadors and diplomats, and others helping Afghanistan in its efforts to improve social welfare.