Former President Hamid Karzai Visits US to Attend Muhammad Ali’s Funeral


June 16, 2016

On June 09, Former President Hamid Karzai visited the United States to attend boxing legend Muhammad Ali’s funeral in Louisville, Kentucky.

The former President was among many current and former foreign leaders and dignitaries who attended the funeral for a man they described not just a legendary boxer but a great human being.

After the funeral processions was over, the former President flew in to Washington DC, where he stayed for a day on June 12.

On his short stop-by in Washington DC, the former President had a number of press engagements and meetings that included a meeting with Laurel Miller, Deputy Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The former President spoke to the Washington Post, the Voice of America Afghanistan service and made a brief appearance on CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. Among other topics discussed, the shooting in Orlando topped the discussions in all interviews.

The former President condemned the shooting in Orlando that killed innocent people. “I share the grief of the American people as they go through this difficult moment” he said.

He further added that Afghans have been suffering from terrorist attacks for very long and can therefore very well understand the pain that an act of terror inflicts on innocent civilians.

The former President left Washington DC on the evening of June 12.