Government’s Justice Reforms Deliver Change

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July 22, 2016

One of the National Unity Government’s first priorities at the start of its administration was to introduce reforms in the justice sector, which has long been a haven of corruption. President Ghani’s sweeping reform agenda for the country’s judiciary has already produced measurable results in terms of citizens’ access to justice and reach of rule of law, and was recently bolstered with the appointment of a deeply qualified new chief justice and highly experienced new attorney general.

Today, Afghanistan’s judicial system is undergoing significant positive changes. More than 600 judges have been replaced, including all 34 provincial chief judges, and new anti-corruption divisions have been established in the Supreme Court and Attorney General’s office. Some 300 prosecutors now work full time on anti-corruption efforts.

In addition, On June 30, 2016, a new Anti- Corruption Justice Center was established. As the first authoritative body to be supervised by the president, the Center will help facilitate close coordination between the judiciary and law enforcement bodies to bring high-ranking government authorities accused of corruption to justice.

“My mandate, my responsibility, is to turn the Attorney General’s office into a center to fight against crime,” Attorney General Farid Hamidi recently said, “and become the bastion for protection of human rights and citizens’ dignity.”