Public Health Minister Visits US to Discuss Improved Health Care in Afghanistan


When in Washington DC, the Minister held a number of public engagements that included a panel discussion at the Wilson Center and a talk at the Capitol Hill.

At the Capitol Hill, he spoke about preventable maternal and child deaths where he highlighted the overarching program successes that have saved over 4.6 million children and over 200,000 women in Afghanistan.

At the Wilson Center, the Minister was joined by Larry Sampler, Assistant to the Administrator for the Office of Afghanistan and Pakistan, USAID. The issues discussed in the panels included Afghanistan’s recent achievements in health sector, the Ministry’s anti-corruption efforts and its plans for a nationwide access to health care described in the National Health Strategy 2016-2020. The panel also discussed key findings of an Afghan government survey funded by the USAID.

Speaking on the need for a countrywide access to basic health care in Afghanistan, the Minister said his ministry was in the process of developing its 5-year strategy to enhance its reach of the entire country.

On the importance of resources to help basic health services to reach across the country, the Minister said his ministry was working to generate its own resources like through introducing taxes on tobacco.

Larry Sampler, Assistant to the Administrator, USAID also spoke about his efforts in improving access to health care in Afghanistan and added that USAID was committed in helping the ministry make health care accessible throughout Afghanistan. “The USAID remains committed to the health care in Afghanistan for long haul” Mr Sampler added.